What Not to Expect

As I was writing my purpose and vision for this site, I thought it might be wise to also tell you what this blog is not, what I am not.

I am not perfect.

Big surprise, huh? Though I am learning all the time, I do not know everything. I do not have the tidiest house, the slimmest body, the most patient temper, or the perfect diet.

I sometimes eat things I shouldn’t and sometimes choose something fast and easy instead of taking the time to fix a salad. We do still sometimes swing through a drive through when we’ve been out a long time and everyone is tired and hungry, though I have managed to break the fast food habit.

If you’re looking for a blog written by someone who eats perfectly every single day, you’ll have to keep looking. I am someone who eats 100 times healthier than I did just two years ago, but my journey isn’t over.

Furthermore, I’m not a vegetarian and never plan to be. In the world of holistic health, you’ll find many people who believe eating meat is terribly unhealthy and that absolutely no one should do it. I’m not one of those people. While I don’t have a meat-heavy diet and prefer chicken to beef, I believe that meats are a healthy source of protein, B-vitamins, and fats needed for our brains, eyes, and other parts.

Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. 

Genesis 9:3

If, as some say, eating meat were truly damaging to our bodies, our loving God would not have said this.

Which brings me to the next point…

I am a Christian. I am not new age.

Another characteristic that you may often see among those interested in holistic health is a belief in “new age” ideals. That’s not me. I don’t believe in reaching a higher consciousness through meditation or “mind enhancing herbs” … I believe in reaching a higher spiritual state through my relationship with Christ Jesus, through prayer and worship of Him. Any other means, in my belief, is being a “thief and a robber” (John 10:1).

I don’t believe that using herbal medicines “binds me to the earth,” though I do love having my bare feet in the grass, the dirt, or the sand! Instead, I believe that God has provided substances in plants that affect our bodies in amazing ways. I believe that using herbal medicines is a responsible way to utilize what God has provided for our good.

I am not against modern medicine.

stethoscopeNot by a long shot! I fully recognize that modern medicine and modern surgery have saved countless lives. However, I think we have come to rely on modern, synthetic medicines far too much and that they sometimes cause more harm than good. Herbal & homeopathic medicines and aromatherapy can and should replace many synthetic medications.

What I would love to see in our society is for holistic medicine and modern medicine to work hand-in-hand. Gentle, plant-based medicinals as a first choice and the quicker-acting synthetic drugs during emergency or when quick action is needed.

The antagonism often seen between medical doctors and holistic practitioners is unhelpful and unnecessary. If the two would work together, the rewards could be immeasurable.

So if I haven’t turned you off completely, let’s go exploring. What would you like to do? Talk some more about homeopathy or should we go wildcrafting?

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