Natural Help for Severe Ear Pain

I want to tell you a story about severe ear pain today. A story about a little boy who cried and screamed louder and longer than any child I’d ever heard before. A story about a medicine some people say is Tom foolery. A medicine that took this boy’s pain away in less than five minutes. And let us all sleep at last.

Learn how to stop even the most severe ear pain fast with a safe & natural remedy that works for kids and adults. No more restless nights or fussy days.

We had gone to church one Wednesday evening as usual. Our then seven-year-old son ran off to kids’ church right at 7 o’clock, and the rest of us went to service. At 8:30, we went to pick him up and found him lying in the doorway, curled up on the floor, trying not to cry.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” I said, kneeling down beside him. This wasn’t at all like our Robert, who was usually running around playing dodge ball with the other boys after class had ended.

He didn’t answer me, but the teacher came over. “He’s been upset for a while, said his ear hurts.”

Natural help for severe ear pain - fast!No one in the family had been sick, so I was surprised to learn he was having ear pain. Especially pain so severe he’d curled up in the floor to cry.

We helped him get up and took him to the parking lot. As soon as everyone was in the car and the doors were closed, it was like Robert was ready to let go. He began to scream.

Loudly. Shrilly. Nonstop.

I tried to comfort him as my husband drove us home. I tried to get him to explain to me how his ear felt, where exactly did it hurt. He would say nothing except, “It hurts.” And that continued, wailing scream.

When we got him in the house, we began doing all the earache relief tricks that have worked in the past.

  • A warm, wet cloth over his ear.
  • A three-step application of different essential oils that has worked for the kids and for me in the past.
  • Warm olive oil dripped into his ear.

It’s hard to describe the way he was screaming. Wailing might be a better word. It was continuous, varying in its shrillness, but never truly tapering off.

We had gotten home about 9 o’clock. By 11, I said, “I guess we’ll have to give him some Tylenol.” We avoid synthetic medicines as much as possible, but he wasn’t responding to any of the natural treatments. So we gave him a dose of children’s liquid acetaminophen.

For a child who rarely takes a commercial pain reliever, I assumed it would work fairly quickly.

An hour later, he was still screaming.

Searching for a Remedy for Severe Ear Pain

By this time, I’d been scrounging every natural health book I own. I had two books on homeopathy even though we had never purchased or used a single homeopathic remedy at that point. I looked up earache in both of them … and found something amazing.

For the remedy Chamomilla, one book says, “Wild with pain, extremely irritable.”1 The other is even more descriptive:

Children who need this common remedy … are in great pain and are extremely irritable because of it. … The tearing pains in the ears lead them to cry – usually loudly.”2

Was someone looking at my son when they wrote that? The descriptions were an uncanny match to his situation.

I told my husband I would go to the drugstore and see if by some miracle they carried homeopathic Chamomilla. “If it doesn’t work,” I said, “we’ll have to take him to the emergency room.”

I left at 12:10am and stopped at two drugstores before finding any homeopathic remedies. At the second store, I found a little bottle of ear drops from some company called Similasan. Sure enough, it contains Chamomilla 10X along with three other homeopathic remedies.

I made my purchase and rushed home. (Happened to pass the police serving a warrant while shining floodlights in the front windows of a house, but that’s another story.)

This entire story is 100% true, even if this next part is a little hard to believe.

When I got into the house, we put five drops of this remedy into Robert’s painful ear (and five in the other ear, just to be sure). He curled up beside me, and within five minutes, he was completely quiet.

Within ten minutes, he was sound asleep.

We put him to bed and crawled into our own. The next morning, our son got up cheerfully as usual. I said, “How’s your ear?”

Learn how to stop even the most severe ear pain fast with a safe & natural remedy that works for kids and adults. No more restless nights or fussy days.“It’s fine,” he replied.

He never again complained about the ear, not even any residual discomfort.

Honestly, I still blink and wonder at this.

It’s the one and only time I’ve witnessed someone with such severe ear pain that they scream for more than three hours, who then receives a single dose of medicine and is completely pain free afterward.

We’ve never had occasion to test these results a second time – thankfully. But if one of the kids should have a similar episode, I’ll be reaching for those ear drops right away.

Chamomilla for Severe Ear Pain

The thing about homeopathy is that each illness doesn’t have a single remedy. Chamomilla is not going to work for every single earache.

Chamomilla‘s profile is extreme pain with great irritability, even screaming. As author Dana Ullman puts it, “Chamomilla is also an effective medicine for treating pain, especially pain that seems out of proportion to the illness.”

Boy, is it ever effective. I’ve witnessed its power with my own eyes ears.

The Similasan ear drops are probably available at your local drugstore too, should you need them. Tablets of Chamomilla 30C would be just as effective for pain with this characteristic irritability – whether severe ear pain or something else. It’s a remedy I recommend keeping on hand, so you don’t have to rush out at midnight like I did. I don’t plan to ever be without Chamomilla again.


1. Panos, Maesimun B., M.D. and Jane Heimlich. Homeopathic Medicine at Home. Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam, 1980.

2. Ullman, Dana, M.P.H. Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants. Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam, 1992.

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