Heal the Bowel, Heal the Body

How do you feel today? Energetic and light? Or dull and heavy? Bowel health affects absolutely every other system. Heal the bowel, and you'll heal the body.

How do you feel today? Energetic and light? Or dull and heavy in the middle? Much of how we feel depends on what’s going on in our center – on our bowel health.

Eighty to 85 percent of the body’s immunity exists in the digestive system. It is one of the first lines of defense against foreign invaders (those pesky bacteria and viruses) and the body’s only means of acquiring and assimilating nutrients for new cell growth and repair.

Consider this: If the digestive system is in a state of dysfunction, nutrients cannot be properly assimilated – therefore, eating the healthiest foods in the world can’t do your body any good.

Healing the bowel must come first.

With a dysfunctional digestive system, healthy foods may just pass right through.

Because of poor food choices – how many of us grew up eating white bread? – most people have old fecal matter stuck in the large intestine. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you’re having normal daily bowel movements, you likely have pounds of old feces lodged in the lower bowel. Researchers at UCLA’s medical facility have examined cadavers that contain feces estimated to be 25 years old!

I imagine you’re like me and are properly horrified right now – maybe a little queasy too – and that you definitely don’t want this stuff hanging around any longer!

Two major problems exist with this condition –

How do you feel today? Energetic and light? Or dull and heavy? Bowel health affects absolutely every other system. Heal the bowel, and you'll heal the body.This old, putrid feces is a source of toxin. The body is being constantly exposed to the poisons given off by this decaying matter. Ever feel run down and unwell for no explicable reason? An unclear bowel may be to blame.

Secondly, these compactions adhere to the walls of the bowel and block new matter’s access to the intestinal lining. Instead of being fully absorbed by the gut, some nutrition is simply passing by the old matter and being excreted.

How do you feel today? Energetic and light? Or dull and heavy? Bowel health affects absolutely every other system. Heal the bowel, and you'll heal the body.

It’s like visiting an overly crowded art museum. So many people are already there that you can only pass through each room without being able to see any of the beautiful artwork. You may as well not even be there!

That vitamin-packed smoothie you had for breakfast and the mineral-rich salad you ate at lunch may be mostly passing through your system without being fully utilized.

Improve bowel health, and total health can follow. Allowing a dysfuntional bowel to continue makes it very difficult or even impossible to restore health to other body systems.

Heal the bowel, and total health can follow. #holistichealth

The body must be cleared of any old, impacted waste and then helped to heal for optimal healthy functioning. Completing this is a two-fold process.

Herbs for Colon Health

An herbal bowel tonic will slowly and reliably clear the old waste and heal the intestinal walls to restore proper function. For some, this may take several months to a year or longer. It’s important to continue with the tonic herbs even after the bowel seems to have been cleared in order to fully heal the peristaltic action of the large intestine. Stopping too soon may mean that the intestine returns to its sluggish, backed up state.

Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula has a decades-old track record for helping restore the colon to proper function. It contains a blend of nine herbs that work to clear the bowel of old waste and help rebuild both the intestinal lining and normal muscular function so that the system can operate properly on its own.

I’ve created my own blend of herbs that I use personally, My blend is slightly different from Dr. Christopher’s, but the goal is the same: a healthy, functioning digestive system. My herbal bowel formula contains alfalfa, barberry bark, cascara sagrada bark, cayenne, fennel, ginger, lobelia, red raspberry leaves, and Oregon grape root. I take two capsules an hour before each meal and have experienced excellent results.

Nutrition for Colon Health

Along with using healing herbs, the diet must be improved. If you keep eating unhealthy, difficult to digest foods, the most powerful herbs in the world cannot heal your system.

How do you feel today? Energetic and light? Or dull and heavy? Bowel health affects absolutely every other system. Heal the bowel, and you'll heal the body.Most importantly, eat more fruits and vegetables raw or lightly cooked. Grapes, broccoli, carrots, and strawberries are all excellent choices. Don’t like fruits and vegetables? I didn’t either! Read this.

Whole grains are also extremely important. Ruth Yaron is right when she says, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead.” Almost devoid of any nutrition, white flour products are good only for clogging the bowel – which is exactly what you’re trying to fix! Choose brown rice, not white; whole wheat sandwich bread, and whole grain cereals.

Cut back or completely eliminate cheese and milk. You probably already know that cheese is constipating (and possibly a major cause of the 25-year-old waste people are carrying around!) Milk is also somewhat constipating, and it’s also mucus-forming, which simply means that it increases the amount of mucus the body creates. This mucus not only contributes to stuffed up noses, it also collects in the bowel and makes full elimination more difficult.

Drinks lots of pure water. Adults need at least 64 ounces of water per day (eight 8-ounce glasses), though more than this is probably better for most people. Slender Kitchen has a good article on How to Calculate How Much Water Your Should Drink a Day.

Bowel health plays an integral role in overall well being. It’s not a subject most people like to talk about, but it’s not something any of us should ignore. Help your whole body achieve wellness by making sure that your digestion is working just the way it should. What are you doing to heal your bowel today?


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