Hawthorn for Heart Health

Give yourself a gift from nature by using hawthorn for heart health. Modern research confirm this herb's cardiovascular strengthening benefits.

Heart health is a primary concern for many Americans today. With heart disease being the number one killer and our typical diet not doing much to change that fact, the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular disease is worrisome to many people.

The ripe berries of the hawthorn tree have traditionally been used to support cardiovascular health, and modern research has confirmed its usefulness.

The flavonoids present in hawthorn berries naturally strengthen the cardiovascular infrastructure – the heart, arteries, and veins. Damage to the lining of the heart and blood vessels can contribute to plaque formation, heart attack, stroke, and aneurysm, and hawthorn helps to prevent and even reverse this damage.

Furthermore, hawthorn helps to improve blood flow to the heart muscle itself. While increasing the supply of oxygen to the heart, this herb reduces the amount of oxygen that the heart needs to function effectively. Consistent use of hawthorn berries can make the heart stronger and more efficient, which in turn brings greater health to the whole body through a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to all organs and tissues.

Give yourself a gift from nature by using hawthorn for heart health. Modern research confirm this herb's cardiovascular strengthening benefits.

How to Use Hawthorn for Heart Health

One of the simplest ways to take hawthorn is to use a tincture. Two effective preparations:

If you prefer to make your own hawthorn berry tincture, combine 30 grams organic dried hawthorn berries with 150 milliliters 100-proof vodka in a glass jar. Wipe the jar’s rim and then lid tightly. Macerate (soak) for two weeks, shaking well at least twice each day. At the end of two weeks, strain the mixture through unbleached coffee filters or unbleached cotton.

Check out my article on making an herbal tincture if you’d like more detail and photos.

Hawthorn Tincture Dosage

A tonic dosage of hawthorn berry tincture is 1-3 ml three times daily.

As with all herbal tonics, it is often best to take this tincture in cycles. (Find out why here.)

According to Mark Stengler, ND, hawthorn can be safely taken in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications. In particular, he mentions the safety of using hawthorn alongside blood thinners that are used to prevent subsequent heart attacks. Of course, your primary care physician needs to know if you plan to take any herbal supplements.

Whether you or someone you love is already facing heart problems, such as high blood pressure, or you just want to strengthen your cardiovascular system to head off problems before they begin, hawthorn is an excellent ally. Just a teaspoon twice daily can bolster the health of your heart and blood vessels and add vitality to your years. That’s a gift we can all enjoy!


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