Hidden Dangers of EMFs

We’re surrounded by invisible electromagnetic fields almost everywhere we go. In our homes, work places, schools, cars. What are these fields and what do they mean for your family’s health?

To put it simply, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) occur wherever electricity flows. The higher the voltage and current, the more powerful the EM field.

Discover the hidden dangers of EMFs and what you can do to protect your family.

Electromagnetic fields occur in nature too, though. Thunderstorms generate EMFs, and even our bodies produce their own natural EM field.

Discover the hidden dangers of EMFs and what you can do to protect your family.
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But since the harnessing of electricity, we humans have been generating unnatural EMFs at ever-increasing rates. Most of what we do each day requires some kind of electricity. We’re now surrounded by such a vast sea of electromagnetism that it’s very difficult to completely escape from it.

Low & High Frequencies

Wireless signals (wi-fi) emit high frequency EMFs, and every electrical appliance continuously emits a low frequency EM field while it’s in use.

  • hair dryer
  • dishwasher
  • computer
  • television
  • lamp
  • clock radio

But what does this mean? Are there actually health consequences of EMF exposure?

Our bodies operate as amazing electrical machines. Electrical impulses actually control our heartbeats and nerve signals. Without this “bodily electricity,” our hearts would go out of whack and stop beating rhythmically. Our nerve signals would not operate as quickly or perhaps not be sent at all.

Our natural electrical impulses are influenced – in small or large ways – by the unnatural EM fields surrounding us.

Dangers of EMFs

For some people, the effects may be severe and almost immediate. A small percentage of the population suffers from this “electrohypersensitivity,” and more than a third of people suffer with milder symptoms. How many more are experiencing problems but don’t realize what’s causing it?

Some symptoms of EMF sensitivity include:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • heart palpitations
  • redness or tingling in the skin
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased blood sugar levels
  • weakened immune system

Some medical doctors believe that issues like Attention Deficit Disorder, insomnia, and tinnitus can also be linked to EMF exposure.

As with most harmful substances we encounter, the negative effects of household EMFs are primarily cumulative. Anything we can do to reduce our daily exposure reduces the likelihood we’ll encounter any of the potential consequences.

An EM field weakens considerably the further you are from the source. The difference in EM strength at one inch, 12 inches, and 36 inches is phenomenal. Small changes in daily habits can significantly reduce EMF exposure.


Stand 12″ or more away from small appliances while they’re running.

  • blender
  • food processor
  • toaster
  • microwave (They put out higher EM fields, so three feet or more is better.)

Turn on large appliances only when you’re about to walk away.

Discover the hidden dangers of EMFs and what you can do to protect your family.
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When I move wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, I’ve stopped turning the dryer on right away. Now I wait until I’ve put the next load in the washer, and I turn both on at the same time.

I also try to start the dishwasher only after I’m finished with everything else and ready to leave the kitchen. With a family of six, we go through an awful lot of dishes so this isn’t always possible. Some days, I have to run the dishwasher while I cook or mop. But that’s the exception now, instead of the rule.

You don’t need to worry about the refrigerator much, thankfully. With the electricity being used primarily at the back, standing in front of the fridge exposes you to minimal EMFs.


Move clock radios away from the bedside.
What do EMFs mean for your family? Learn how to protect your home from these invisible electromagnetic fields.
I don’t wear my glasses while I sleep, so it’s hard to see the time on the clock radio when I wake up at night. After learning about the dangers of EMFs, though, I’ve moved that little appliance to the opposite side of the nightstand – away from my head!

Move beds away from heaters.

In our house, we have electric baseboard heaters in every room. Once I became aware of EM fields, I realized some of our beds were right beside these heaters, which meant my kids were sleeping beside a continuous electromagnetic field.

Rearranging the room was an option for some of the bedrooms but not for the smallest room. There just truly isn’t anywhere else to put that bed! For this room, we now turn the heater on in the evening to warm the room up and then turn it off when we put our son to bed.

This same method works if you use electric blankets. Turn them on to heat the bed up but turn them off before you actually climb in.

Discover the hidden dangers of EMFs and what you can do to protect your family.


No more super fast hair drying.

Hair dryers emit a ridiculous level of electromagnetism. I don’t completely understand it, but EMFs are measured in milligauss. At an inch away, an LCD television produces 1.1 to 73.6 milligauss of electromagnetism, but a hair dryers produces 60 to 20,000 milligauss!

By simply holding the hair dryer 12 inches away from your head, you reduce your EMF exposure to 1 to 70 milligauss.

Use a hot water bottle instead of an electric heating pad.

Living Room / Office

Get the laptop off your lap.

This one probably concerns me the most because my kids share a laptop. They spend so much time with that thing on their laps! I’m still working on changing their habits, but there are a couple things that will reduce the EMF exposure….

Unplug the laptop while it’s in use. Only items that are plugged into an electric source generate EMFs. Devices running off of a battery do not.

Use a table or tray to distance the laptop from the body. Remember, even 12 inches will make a big difference in the level of EMF exposure.

Turn off the Wi-Fi at night.

We’ve made it a habit to turn off the wireless router each night. This gives 8-12 hours out of everyday where we’re not being exposed to the high-frequency EMFs of Wi-Fi.

Discover the hidden dangers of EMFs and what you can do to protect your family.
photo credit: Finnegan

Night is the time when our bodies regenerate and repair all the damage of the day, and cutting off the Wi-Fi gives us an extra measure of protection.

These are all pretty small changes. Once they become habit, you won’t even notice the difference – but your body will!

We may not be able to completely escape the EMFs in our modern world, but we can make our homes an oasis. A place where our bodies can truly relax and work from the inside to restore health.


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